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Fever after surgery is one of the most common complications that patients face. Over 50 percent of all surgery patients will have a higher than normal temperature in the days following their procedure.


Post Operative Fever Monitoring

Post Operative Fever Monitoring

Post surgery fever is one of the most prevalent complications facing patients, occurring in over half of the time. While some fevers are not serious, others can be a sign of major problems.

Current methods of tracking patient body temperature is time consuming, subject to lapses, and disruptive due to contact between the care provider and the patient.

With increasing demand for medical services along with staffing pressures, hospitals need a more efficient solution to ensure comfort and quality of patient care.

Nursing Home Care

Nursing Home Care

The elderly and chronically ill are especially susceptible to health issues, and  the occurrence of a fever can be the first indication of a problem.

Patients may not realize a fever is occurring until it gets to a certain level, and caregivers may not have time to closely monitor every patient all the time.

A wearable continuous fever monitor that automatically tracks body temperature, with notifications, can be an essential early fever detection tool during flu season or with "at-risk" patients.

Whether monitoring post operative patients or clinical trial subjects, accurate and continuous body temperature monitoring helps ensure proper care is delivered in a timely manner


Clinical Drug Trials

An indicator of side effects from drug trials is changes in body temperature. Monitoring in clinical settings may be sufficiently covered by clinicians, but monitoring of discharged subjects remain a challenge.

Remote monitoring of subject body temperature relies on adherence to protocols by the subject themself, up to three times a day or more. This is problematic as subjects may forget or simply ignore protocols.

With wearable continuous temperature monitors, clinicians can more easily track changes in body temperature from remote locations.


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