Telemedicine & Remote Care

  • Post Discharge Follow-Up

  • Remote Patient Care

  • Vitals Monitoring

The most dangerous times for heart attack are the morning and during the last phase of sleep. On average, the extra risk of having a myocardial infarction, between 6 a.m. and noon, is about 40%.


Post Discharge Follow-Up

The first few days following a patient discharge are one of the most critical periods that need proactive monitoring. Unplanned readmissions not only put the patient at risk, but also costs the industry billions of dollars each year.

Current follow-up procedures rely on a proactive phone call by the care provider, or depend on the patient to reach out when something is wrong.

New generations of connected wearable healthcare devices are helping to improve follow-ups, provide continuous remote monitoring, and improve patient care at a reduced cost.

Remote Patient Care

Patients with chronic illnesses, age related restrictions, or are simply in remote locations find it difficult to visit medical facilities.

The problem however, is that most patients avoid seeking care until something happens.

Advancements in medical-grade sensors and devices, along with new healthcare analytics applications, can now provide effective remote patient care that is both cost effective and convenient for both the patient and the provider.


Connected wearable healthcare devices, and advances in data analytics are paving the way to a new generation of telemedicine solutions

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