Continuous Wellness Monitor for Hypertension
Reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke due to high blood pressure



4x more likely to die from stroke

3x more likely to die from heart attack




46% of adults in the U.S. have hypertension, costing over $40B in healthcare costs annually. A 10 mmHg reduction in systolic pressure can reduce stroke by 25%, and heart attack by 20%.


  • Cardiowell, a digital therapeutic solution by WellAdapt, improves health and wellness by combining blood pressure monitoring, medication management, and mindful breathing to help users lower blood pressure.

  • Based on psychophysiological and behavioral medicine, Cardiowell empower users to gain greater control of their health and wellbeing.

Welladapt Product Image


  • Reduce risks associated with hypertension

  • Increase medication compliance

  • Improved wellness and sickness prediction

  • Reduce reliance on medications

Sensor Data Analyzed

  • Heart Rate

  • Heart Rate Variability

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Blood Pressure



About Welladapt

A digital health hypertension therapeutic company that develops solutions to reduce the risks associated with hypertension and other chronic diseases. Cardiowell aspires to help patients gain greater control of their health while reducing medications, hospitalizations, and unnecessary doctor visits. The Cardiowell App supports devices that measure cardiac function allowing for a better understanding of current and future states of health and wellness.