Remote Patient Monitoring for Clinical Trials
Optimize clinical trials with continuous and personalized patient insights



300,000+ studies worldwide

approximately 40% in the US




Obtaining patient data in remote locations offers the potential to generate new data sets and improve the efficiency of clinical trials. However, capturing data from the patient’s home, and interpreting data into actionable insights pose significant challenges.


  • Provide an efficient means to capture clinical-grade, real-world objective physiological data from any location, and develop personalized insights to support trial endpoints.

  • Continuous data from wearable biosensors with artificial intelligence algorithms create a personalized baseline with which to measure change as well as quantify therapeutic impact across study cohorts.



  • Continuous physiological data for real world insights on therapeutic safety and efficacy

  • Novel biomarkers and full data sets to support clinically differentiated trial endpoints

Sensor Data Analyzed

  • ECG

  • Activity

  • Blood Pressure

  • PPG

  • ePRO



About PhysIQ

PhysIQ (pronounced Phys-IQ) is healthcare’s first personalized physiology data analytics platform. PhysIQ is designed to track and integrate multiple vital signs to detect clinically meaningful changes against an individual baseline, rather than a population-based “norm.” Our founders pioneered PhysIQ’s game-changing data analytics platform for mission-critical machine applications. We are now focused on the most important machine of all — the human body.