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Chemotherapy Patient Monitoring
Reducing hospitalizations and complications with remote patient monitoring 



Up to 17% readmission rate within 30 days of treatment

Up to 50% of hospitalizations are avoidable




Each year, 4.8M cancer-related hospitalizations are costing the healthcare system over $58B. Twenty to fifty percent of hospitalizations are avoidable with improved monitoring and patient management.


  • Remote monitoring and analytics solution to connect providers with patients throughout the treatment journey

  • Predictive algorithms designed to offer decision support and notifications for personalized, early intervention to avoid costly events

Alacrity Flow High Level-1


  • Reduce hospital readmissions through remote health monitoring

  • Identification of high risk signals up to 20 hours before hospitalization

Sensor Data Analyzed

  • ECG Rhythm

  • Body Temperature

  • Heart Rate

  • Respiratory Rate



About AlacrityCare

AlacrityCare is an early stage digital health company offering new ways to manage the side effects of cancer treatments.
Through the use of continuous monitoring solutions, AlacrityCare’s data driven software provides real time guidance that enables safer and more personalized interventions than ever before.
For patients, our solutions enable better self management of side effects and peace of mind knowing providers and care givers have real-time visibility into their health conditions
For healthcare providers and insurers, our solutions prevent unnecessary hospitalizations that lead to poor patient experiences and high costs.