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Bedside Patient Infection Monitoring

Automated temperature tracking and alerts using medical wearables


1.7M people in US develop hospital acquired infections each year

99,000 deaths as a result




Infections resulting from acute care or secondary causes are common place in hospitals. Unfortunately, some can result in serious complications and even death. However, monitoring patient temperatures is largely a manual process performed through staffing rounds that rely on observation and taking occasional temperature readings. This process is prone to errors and omissions, as well as puts pressure on staffing resources.


  • VivaLNK and Yijing Health have developed a continuous monitoring and alert solution aimed at automating the tracking of changes in patient temperature on a continuous basis.

  • The solution includes the use of a patient-friendly medical wearable temperature patch, associated data infrastructure, and monitoring applications with alerts to the staff.

Infection Monitoring


  • Automated system minimizes pressure on staffing resources

  • Continuous monitoring enables trend analysis and predictability

  • No patient disruption especially during rest or sleep

  • Better patient care due to less omissions and errors

Sensor Data Analyzed

  • Axillary (armpit) Temperature

  • Continuous Temperature Trends



About Yijing Health

Yijin Health is a leading InsurTech service provider offering integrated healthcare solutions that combine big data, IoT, and precision medical services.