Vitals Data Service

Edge to cloud data capture, delivery, and analysis for remote patient monitoring applications

An integrated solution combining medical wearable sensors, mobile patient app, cloud and data analysis services.

Companion Mobile App

The Vitals Data Service includes a remote patient monitoring app that captures vitals data from VivaLNK sensors, and uploads it to the cloud for centralized access. The service can send data live, and is also built to synchronize with the sensors in the event of a network disruption to ensure continuous data capture.

The app can be customized to match protocols and display data on the screen, or obscured from the patient.

multi-vital mobile app

RPM cloud services

Hosted Cloud Services

The VivaLNK Vitals Data Service includes a cloud service that synchronizes and consolidates data from medical wearable sensors on patients in multiple locations into a central access point. This offers a convenient way for clinicians and analysts to download data files from multiple sites for retrospective analysis, or directly integrate clinical applications for machine-to-machine processing on demand.

Consolidated data are available in multiple formats to facilitate ease of data processing and analysis.

Key Advantages

  • Continuous data capture
  • Customizable campanion app
  • Centralized data consolidation
  • Data concierge services
  • Hosted turnkey solution
  • Training and logistical support

"By leveraging VivaLNK wearable sensors within the platform, Vitalic Medical can offer an early trigger system that helps nurses identify early signs of patient deterioration and fall-risk patients."

Sue Dafnias, CEO of Vitalic Medical

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