Sensor Data Kit (SDK)

All inclusive kit for quick and simple integration with medical wearable sensors

Designed to enable healthcare technology partners to accelerate the integration of VivaLNK medical wearable sensors with mobile and cloud applications.

Mobile App Integration

The platform SDK includes edge technologies that allow developers to quickly integrate, test, and deploy mobile apps for remote patient monitoring using VivaLNK medical wearable sensors. In addition, server based applications can use SDK enabled routers for multi-patient monitoring on-premise.

doctor with tablet

medical IoT sensor platform

Cloud Application Integration

Web services contained within the platform offer the ability to directly integrate applications in the cloud for machine-to-machine access, or offer simple data file downloads for retrospective analysis.

SDK Components

  • Medical Wearable Sensors
  • Disposable Adhesives
  • Software Libraries (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Sample App
  • Sample Source Code
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support

"VivaLNK devices combine thoughtful form factor and medical-grade data fidelity, and the VivaLNK team consistently delivers on our bespoke needs."

Simon MacGibbon, CEO of Myia

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