Medical Wearables for Remote Patient Monitoring

World's most advanced continuous, reusable, IoT enabled medical wearables for remote human vitals monitoring.

Wearable ECG Monitor

Weighing only 7.5 grams, this multi-function cardiac patch can provide a continuous stream of ECG rhythm, heart rate, respiratory rate, and 3-axis accelerometer data. It's simple design enables patients to self-apply at home.

This wearable temperature monitor continuously captures patient temperature without the need for clinicians to be in close contact. Unlike common body temperature patches, this axillary temperature patch is an FDA clinical thermometer designed for remote patient monitoring.

Wearable Temperature Monitor

Wearable Sp02 Monitor

The wearable Sp02 monitor provides automated updates of a patient's oxygen saturation levels. With a secure design that wraps around the thumb, the Sp02 monitor offers continuous reliable updates even during sleep.

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