VivaLNK Delivers Continuomics using Wearable Medical Sensors for the Pharmaceutical Market
October 01, 2019

VivaLNK devices offer 24-hour continuous monitoring of physiological data for remote patient monitoring in clinical trials

VivaLNK's Wearable ECG Patch Used in Study of Autonomic Function in Predicting Heart Disease
August 28, 2019

Emory University researchers will use VivaLNK's ambulatory ECG patch to study patients undergoing coronary angiography in order to measure autonomic function

Survey Shows Reducing Doctor Visits will Drive Remote Patient Monitoring Adoption
June 25, 2019

Consumers willing to utilize medical wearables to overcome barriers to seeing a physician, including distance and cost

VivaLNK Selected to Plug and Play's Silicon Valley Health Batch 8 Program
April 04, 2019

Connected healthcare solutions company, VivaLNK, among only 20 chosen from more than 850 candidates

VivaLNK IoT Medical Sensor Platform Sees Worldwide Impact with Over 30 Partners, Advancing Remote Patient Monitoring
March 28, 2019

Comprehensive wearable sensors and software platform accelerates the pace of healthcare IoT application innovation

VivaLNK Launches IoT-Enabled Medical Wearable Sensor Platform for Continuous Patient Monitoring
February 11, 2019

Vitalic Medical partners with VivaLNK to detect early signs of patient health deterioration and risk of falling

Case Western Reserve University to Use VivaLNK's Vital Scout Device for Study Measuring Student Athlete Stress and Recovery
December 12, 2018

VivaLNK's Vital Scout to be used in a study determining stress and recovery levels throughout athletic training periods

VivaLNK Announces Vital Scout, a Wearable Patch for Continuous Stress and Recovery Monitoring
October 03, 2018

With stress levels at an all-time high, Vital Scout helps consumers understand and manage the impact of stress from daily routines

VivaLNK Offers Wearable Healthcare Devices for Study on Stress and Teenage Depression
September 12, 2018

VivaLNK's Vital Scout to be used in a Stanford study to help quantify stress reactivity and recovery in order to explore links with teenage depression

AlacrityCare and Myia Join VivaLNK Developer Program to Innovate Remote Patient Monitoring for Cancer Treatment and Cardiovascular Events
July 17, 2018

VivaLNK Developer Program gives healthcare application solutions access to wearable devices that are both consumer-friendly and medical-grade quality

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