Peace of Mind with Continuous Temperature Monitoring

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Ever had to wake a sleeping patient or child to take their temperature?

With Fever Scout, fever monitoring is automatic and continuous. Plus, you can receive notifications on mobile devices.

Continuous and Remote Monitoring

Continuous and Remote Monitoring

Fever Scout continuously monitors body temperature even during sleep. Users can set temperature thresholds, and be notified on mobile devices when the temperature reaches a certain point. Parents and caregivers can also monitor remotely from another device.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing that Fever Scout allows you to monitor body temperature at home or away.

fever scout


βœ“ Water Resistant

βœ“ Continuous Monitoring

βœ“ Fever Notifications

βœ“ History and Trends

βœ“ Re-usable


Post-Op Fevers Post-Op Fevers

Flu Infections Flu Infections

Child Fever Child Fever

Drug Effects Drug Effects


  • Accuracy: Meets ASTM E1112 standard
  • Battery Life: Up to 1 week per charge
  • Water Resistance: Patch IP 25; charger case IP 21
  • Mobile Compatibility: iOS 8.0 or later; Android 4.3 or later

What's Included*

  • Wireless wearable patch
  • Charging case
  • Adhesives
  • AAA Batteries
  • Mobile app
*May vary by country
Fever Scout with stickies