Continuous ECG Recorder 

  • History & Trends

  • Wearable Patch

  • Rechargeable


For Investigational Use Only

Over 4 million Americans experience heart arrhythmia symptoms that may include shortness of breadth, fainting, and in extreme cases an unexpected loss of heart function.

- US News


VivaLNK's small wearable ECG patch offers both online and offline recording. Available as a kit, the patch can easily be incorporated into a cardiac telemetry or remote monitoring solution for investigational research. 









ECG Recorder SDK*

For Investigational Use Only

What's Included

  • ECG Recording Patch
  • Software Library
  • Documentation
  • Support

Data Output

  • Raw ECG
  • RRI
  • 3-axis ACC


  • Android 4.3 or later

*subject to change

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