The VivaLNK Developer Program is designed for medical and healthcare solution providers to develop applications using the VivaLNK sensor software development kit (SDK)

Program Benefits

  • Available SDKs

    • ECG Monitor

    • Temperature Monitor

    • Wellness Monitor

  • Developer Support

  • API Documentation

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VV310 Mobile Crop

ECG Monitor SDK

(Pre-FDA Investigational Use)

Conducting research or trials requiring ECG, ACC, RRI data? The ECG Monitor SDK enables you to integrate your application directly with the wearable ECG patch.



VS App Mobile-2



Wellness Monitor SDK

Building a wellness solution? Leverage the Wellness Monitor SDK to integrate your application with the Vital Scout wearable patch. Gain access to data such as RR Intervals, heart and respiratory rates, stress, recovery, activity and sleep levels.


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Temperature Monitor SDK

Developing a continuous temperature monitoring solution for remote patient care? The Temperature Monitor SDK can be used to capture continuous 24 hour temperature readings without manual intervention.