Using medical wearable solutions to prevent cross-infection between patients and caregivers by providing automated temperature monitoring. 


Over 31M cases; 965K+ deaths

Over 213 countries




  • Monitoring patient temperatures requires caregivers to come in contact or close proximity multiple times per day

  • Frequent patient contact significantly increases the chance of cross infection

  • Affected caregivers further transmit the disease before symptoms even appear


  • VivaLNK and its partners have developed a continuous monitoring and alert solution aimed at automating the tracking of changes in patient temperature on a continuous basis

  • IoT enabled medical wearable temperature sensors remotely transmit data to a central monitoring system

  • Medical staff are alerted based on trends and thresholds, identifying the patient and room, and is able to respond accordingly

On-prem MonitoringOn-Premise Server Solution


RPM Cloud

Mobile Cloud Solution


Shanghai Public Health Clinic Center (SPHCC)

  • VivaLNK and its partners deployed the solution at SPHCC, which was designated as a primary treatment center in Shanghai China

  • Modeled after the SARS outbreak, SPHCC contains special wards designed to optimize treatment and limit cross infection



  • Multi-patient monitoring application deployed through nursing stations to alert staff of events

Patient monitor


  • Automated system significantly reduces caregiver to patient contact, and alleviating resource pressures

  • Continuous monitoring enables trend analysis and predictability

  • No patient disruption especially during rest or sleep

  • Better patient care due to less omissions and errors


VivaLNK Wearable Sensors

  1. Temperature; Pulse; Respiratory; ECG; Accelerometer
  2. Reusable/Rechargeable
  3. Ultralight: 7.5 grams
  4. Water Resistant: IP25
  5. FDA/CE Mark