VivaLNK is a provider of connected healthcare solutions for in-patient and remote patient monitoring. The company’s portfolio includes wearable medical grade devices and data analytics applications that continuously monitor the health and well-being of individuals.

Our vision is to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide by combining technology, data, and analytics into an integrated solution.


VivaLNK eSkinTM Technology

 VivaLNK introduced eSkin in 2014, which represented the first-of-its-kind breathable thin film substrate with integrated circuits and sensors designed for long term wearable use.

Initially launched in collaboration with Google ATP as the Digital Tattoo by Moto X, the technology is now at the core of VivaLNK's family of products.


  • 2014 VivaLNK Develops eSkin™

  • 2014 VivaLNK Unveils Digital Tattoo

  • 2015 VivaLNK Launches Fever Scout

  • 2016 VivaLNK Previews Vital Scout

  • 2016 VivaLNK Receives ISO 13485 Certification 

  • 2017 Fever Scout Receives FDA Clearance

  • 2018 VivaLNK Launches Developer Program

  • 2018 Vital Scout Commercial Availability

  • 2019 Launches Medical Wearable Sensor Platform

  • 2019 Over 70 Commercial Partners

  • 2019 VivaLNK Multi-Vital Sensor Receives CE Mark

  • 2020 VivaLNK ECG Platform Receives FDA Clearance

Medical Advisors

Jeffrey Olgin, MD

Chief of Cardiology
UC San Francisco


Dirk Schapeler

VP Digital Innovation
Bayer Healthcare