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VivaLNK Medical Data Platform


Vitals Data Service

A turnkey solution that captures continuous vitals data from patients in any location, and reliability delivers it to the cloud for on-demand or retrospective access.


Sensor Data Kit

Developing a remote patient monitoring application on mobile devices or in the cloud? Easily integrate medical wearable sensors using this all inclusive kit.


Wearable Sensors

Designed for continuous data capture in remote settings. Reusable, rechargeable, and patient friendly. ECG, heart rate, respiratory, temperature, motion.


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Virtual Clinical Trials


AFib Detection

Multi-year 3,000 patient study to detect biomarkers of early atrial transformation in atrial fibrillation. The ECG patch enables automated data capture 24 hours-a-day in remote patient monitoring settings.


6-Minute Walk Test

Capture ECG before, during and after a six minute walk test. Wearable ECG patch coupled with a customized App protocol enables centralized data capture from clinical sites around the world.


Chemotherapy RPM

Remote patient monitoring for discharged patients post therapy to prevent hospitalization. Correlation of temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate to detect serious neutropenia event.

What Customers Are Saying

Jeffrey Olgin, MD
Chief of Cardiology

"The capabilities of the VivaLNK ECG sensor will enable us to capture a larger continuous dataset in order to help achieve our goals."


Thomas Fuerst, PhD
Chief Science Officer

"The integration of VivaLNK's innovative RPM technology with Bioclinica's global clinical trial infrastructure will open new paradigms for trial data collection and analysis."


Chris McCann
CEO & Founder

"With VivaLNK's temperature sensor, the data is automatically captured 24 hours a day, allowing our solution to provide a more complete and accurate picture of the patient's condition."

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