Introducing DigitalTattoo

The simplest way to unlock your phone—you just be you.

Available now for Moto X


Interested but not a Moto X user? We would like to expand to other phones in the near future. If you are interested please let us know!

Product Specs

Adhesive Lifetime:



Unlock Radius:

Approximately 5 days. Varies with skin type and activity level.





How long does a Digital Tattoo last?

The adhesive on a Digital Tattoo lasts five days on your body under normal conditions. It can last much longer if you apply it on other objects such as the dashboard of your car.

Is a Digital Tattoo safe for my sensitive skin?

Yes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that it is safe for even sensitive skin types, using top-of-the-line medical grade adhesives and performed extensive biocompatibility testing. However, if you do experience skin irritation, please immediately discontinue use.

How do I use a Digital Tattoo with my Moto X?


1. Select a spot about 2 inches up from your wrist.
2. Using the tab, slowly peel a Digital Tattoo off the bottom liner of the tray. Be careful not to touch the adhesive—it can affect the Digital Tattoo’s staying power.
3. Place it on your skin and pull out the tab.
4. Apply top pressure for 10-20 seconds, to ensure the Digital Tattoo gets a firm hold. You’re good to go!


1. Turn on your Moto X and unlock it manually.
2. Tap your Digital Tattoo to the back of your phone, and you’re all set.
3. Re-lock your phone and try it out!


1. Press ‘Power’ to wake your phone.
2. Tap the back of your Moto X to the Digital Tattoo on your wrist to unlock.
3. You’ve got it from here.

Do Digital Tattoos come in multiple designs?

All Digital Tattoos come in our vortex design at launch. However, we have several other great designs on the way, and welcome your ideas for more.

How do I remove a Digital Tattoo? Can I remove it anytime?

Of course! Simply peel it off your skin like you would an adhesive bandage. If you experience skin irritation, be sure to take it off immediately and discontinue use.

I tapped a Digital Tattoo to the back of my Moto X but nothing happened. Why isn’t it working?

Before you tap, make sure the display is unlocked and NFC is enabled. To enable NFC, go to Settings > More… > NFC checkbox.

Do you have to tap Moto X to a Digital Tattoo to authenticate, or does it work by proximity?

It does work by proximity, but a tap means you’ll always be in range.

What if someone steals a Digital Tattoo that I’ve synced with my phone? Can they download my master PIN from it?

If your Digital Tattoo is missing or stolen, you can unpair it in your security settings. Thieves won’t be able to download your master PIN from your Digital Tattoo because it’s stored on your Moto X, not in your Digital Tattoo. When your Moto X reads your Digital Tattoo, it only reads a unique ID (like a barcode) that allows it to unlock your phone.

How do I unpair a Digital Tattoo?

You can pair and unpair Digital Tattoos through the settings under Security > Manage NFC Unlock. You can also disable Digital Tattoos completely by going to Security > Screen lock and choosing a different way to authenticate.